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Montana Agate and Copper Necklace


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This dramatic Montana agate takes center stage in this one of a kind necklace.  Hand stamped bezel surround, textured bezel, pierced back plate to allow the stone’s natural translucence to shine through – this is a piece as unique as you are.

Out of stock


Montana agates are so dramatic – with black and tan inclusions on a creamy, translucent backdrop.  I cut and polished this particular stone to highlight the drama of the agate.  Then I crafted a setting that was as unique as the stone.  I hand stamped a design around the bezel which accentuates the textured bezel wall.  I created a lotus flower piercing on the backplate that allows light to flood the piece to play up the stone’s translucence.  I used faceted black Czech beads in the handcrafted necklace to further mirror the drama of the black inclusions in the stone.  Finally, I applied a warm brown patina and hand buffed to bring out the dramatic texture and sealed it to protect the finish.


  • Hand Cut Montana Agate
  • Faceted Black Glass Beads
  • Copper Wire
  • Copper Sheet
  • Chain length: 31 inches (79 cm)
  • Pendant length: 3 inches (8 cm)

I love fashioning unique and individual pieces using ancient, hand crafted techniques: for example, cutting my own stones and creating my own chain and components from sheet and wire.  No two pieces from The Last Link are ever exactly the same!

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