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Hammered Argentium Silver Earrings


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There’s nothing like gleaming silver to make you feel special – and these earrings deliver! Hand-hammered Argentium with great movement – wear it with any outfit for a modern, yet classic, look.  Check out the matching necklace and bracelet.

Out of stock


Completely handcrafted, I made these dramatic earrings from Argentium silver.  I prefer Argentium to Sterling because Argentium contains Germanium – which does not tarnish as easily as copper (the alloy they use to make Sterling).  I chose thick, square pieces of Argentium for the earring dangles and hammered them to give the beautiful texture.  Then, I forged smaller square rings and tiny wrapped links for the chain.  Simple, but oh so elegant – great alone or with the matching necklace and bracelet!


  • Argentium Silver Wire
  • Earring length: 3 inches (8 cm)

I love fashioning unique and individual pieces using ancient, handcrafted techniques: for example, cutting my own stones and creating my own chain and components from sheet and wire.  No two pieces from The Last Link are ever exactly the same!

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