The wild lilac is the gorgeous state flower of New Hampshire.  It is one of the most intricate flowers I make – with over 50 tiny blooms on a single flower!  I hand cut each little four leaf blossom and form them out of flat copper sheet.  Then, I create little headpins out of copper wire that forms the middle of each blossom, after which I  enamel each blossom with two different types of purple enamels – an opaque and a translucent for depth.  Finally, I weave each little bloom onto a thicker (and stronger!) copper wire and add fold form leaves.   The whole process can take up to a week to finish!  This is a vibrant and exciting addition to your Bloom Where You’re Planted Bouquet!  Please contact me for more information.


  • Copper Sheet
  • Copper Wire
  • Enamels
  • Made to Order