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Filigree Copper and Swarovski Crystal Earrings


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These beautiful woven wire copper filigree and Swarovski crystal earrings have great movement and reflect light with every step!  They go with everything and are light and easy to wear.

Out of stock


These delicately wire wrapped Swarovski earrings look great and have great movement.  I created the outer frame for the earrings by wire wrapping a circular woven border.  Then, I filled in the circle with copper filigree swirls and wove in various sizes of  Swarovski crystals to reflect light as you move.  Finally, I created the ear wires for the earrings, applied a warm brown patina and hand buffed to bring out the highlights.  These earrings pair with the Swarovski filigree necklace. https://lastlinkjewelry.com/product/filigree-wire-wrapped-swarovski-and-copper-necklace/


  • Swarovski Crystal Beads (2 sizes)
  • Copper Wire
  • Earring  length: 3 inches (7.6 cm)

I love fashioning unique and individual pieces using ancient, hand crafted techniques: for example, cutting my own stones and creating my own chain and components from sheet and wire.  No two pieces from The Last Link are ever exactly the same!

Let these beautiful earrings be an inspiration for your custom piece. Contact us to get the process started.



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