Blue Patina ‘Holy Spirit’ Etched Copper Cuff


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I love the contrast between the beautiful turquoise background and the hand-drawn and etched copper in this one of a kind cuff!  At 2.5 inches wide, it makes such a bold and unique statement!  Custom created.  Let me make one just for you.

Out of stock


I love the turquoise blue of this cuff! This custom ordered cuff is beautiful, unique, and of special significance to my customer.  But then, each cuff I make is unique because I paint the pattern on the cuff freehand and the patterns are never the same! After painting the pattern on, the cuff goes into an acid bath.  The acid etches the design permanently and deeply into the cuff. Then comes the painstaking process of creating the patina – which takes about a week!   Once the color is deep enough, I hand-buff the cuff to bring out the highlights of the etched pattern and apply a hypoallergenic sealant to preserve the finish.


  • Copper Sheet
  • Cuff width: 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)
  • Cuff length: 6 inches (15 cm)

I love fashioning unique and individual pieces using ancient, handcrafted techniques: for example, cutting my own stones and creating my own chain and components from sheet and wire.  No two pieces from The Last Link are ever exactly the same!

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